Midas, an underground infrastructure company, is recommitting its efforts in Florida following the company’s expansion and strategic realignment. Over the past few years, Midas has greatly grown through acquisitions and strengthened capabilities. In fact, the company is now the No. 1 manhole rehabilitation company in the country.

With the company’s expansion also comes a renewed strategy for its long-term growth and vitality, including re-imagining the structure of work in some key markets, notably Florida. Midas will close its Palm Beach location in an effort to ensure the company is investing time and resources on key projects and services that are most needed in the area. The company will maintain satellite locations in Pompano Beach and St. Petersburg to support these efforts.

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“Florida is an important market for Midas and we are pleased to maintain our presence and seek out opportunities for growth all while being strategic about efficiencies and nimble with our services,” said Dan Cathell, Midas CEO.

Midas works closely with dozens of municipalities across the state of Florida and partners with numerous local and regional contractors to support the state’s unique infrastructure needs, including hurricane preparedness.

“As we approach another hurricane season, Midas is a strong ally. We are setting up satellite offices to support various projects locally and dedicating more resources to niche services, such as pipe bursting, line stopping/tapping, and fluid solutions,” said Hank Norris, Midas Vice President of Operations.

Midas began as a utility services provider and though the company has expanded to offer a complete portfolio of infrastructure repair and rehabilitation solutions, utilities efforts for water, sewer, and storm water drainage systems remain a premier service.

SOURCE – Midas Companies

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