Delve Underground New Principals 2023

McMillen Jacobs Associates Rebrands as Delve Underground, New Principals Announced

McMillen Jacobs Associates, specializing in delivering underground infrastructure throughout North America and Australasia, recently announced a rebranding to Delve Underground and the addition of seven new principals.

The rebranding to Delve Underground comes after an announcement in November 2022 that the McMillen Jacobs Associates shareholders voted to approve the split-off of the company’s underground and water resources divisions.

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A statement on the McMillen Jacobs and Associates website reads, “The move will allow management of each company to devote more energy on strategies that align with their clients, staff, and type of work. The split-off reorganization was voted on and approved by shareholders on November 17, 2022 and takes effect December 1.”

The statement also notes that Victor Romero continues as president of the Underground Division business, and Mara McMillen continues as president of the Water Resources Division business. Both businesses will rebrand under new names.

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In a news release announcing the rebranding to Delve Underground, Romero says, “Delve Underground’s mission is to solve our client’s infrastructure challenges with our collective expertise and legacy of underground excellence. Our new name reflects our company culture of working collaboratively and delving deep to inspire bold and responsive solutions.”

Delve Underground formerly McMillen Jacobs

Founded in 1954 as Jacobs Associates, Delve Underground is an employee-owned heavy civil engineering firm serving the water, wastewater, and transportation markets. At Delve Underground, we are solutions-oriented, innovative, and highly responsive, and bring quality design to the delivery of our clients’ project challenges. With 21 offices and 350 team members, we offer comprehensive design, design-build, construction management, and dispute resolution capabilities.

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“The rebrand was a thoughtful and well-planned effort that involved our clients and team members from across our offices,” said Gregg Davidson, chief operations officer of Delve Underground. “Our new brand is modern and creative yet retains the spirit of our underground roots.”

After the rebranding announcement, Delve Underground announced the promotion of seven new principals.

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Delve Underground New Principals 2023
McMillen Jacobs rebranded as Delve Underground in 2023 and announced the addition of seven new principals. Clockwise from top left are; Bryan Duevel, P.E.; Charles Hunt, P.Eng., MSc, ACSM; Marco Moccichino, P.Eng.; Amanda Morgan, P.E.; Eric Westergren; James Struthers, LEG, CEG, PG; and James Schick, CEG.

Bryan Duevel, P.E., has 24 years of geotechnical engineering and underground design experience on a wide breadth of projects including tunnels, dams, pipelines, and water resource and hydroelectric infrastructure. Based in Delve’s Portland office, he has extensive experience in geotechnical characterization, slope stability assessments, excavation support systems, seismic hazard evaluations, and tunnel design. He earned his bachelor’s in Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and his master’s in Geological Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is a registered professional engineer in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C. and a registered Geotechnical Engineer in Oregon.

Charles Hunt, P.Eng., MSc, ACSM, is a senior rock geotechnical engineer with over 26 years of experience in a wide variety of projects including construction of international infrastructure projects (in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Australia), geotechnical investigation, and geotechnical design. Based in Delve’s Vancouver office, Hunt has focused his experience on rock engineering specifically in relation to underground tunnel construction, support and design, as well as rock slope stabilization and design of open pit slopes. Hunt earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Geology in 1995 and his master’s in Applied Geotechnics in 2003, both from the Camborne School of Mines (Exeter University). He is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

Marco Moccichino, P.Eng., has 22 years of experience in design and construction of tunnels and underground structures. Moccichino is based in Delve’s Vancouver office. His work experience includes natural gas, water, transit, and roadway projects. Marcos served as project manager on preliminary and detailed design projects (as a consulting engineer) and on construction projects (as contractor). This experience gives him the unique ability to understand the challenges of all the parties included in the design and construction process, including owners and stakeholders. His expertise also includes the design of reinforced concrete structures, such as tunnels, as well as shafts, foundations, and other earth-retaining structures. Moccichino earned his Degree of Structural Engineer from the Polytechnic of Milan and is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia.

Amanda Morgan, P.E., is a geotechnical engineer who has worked on a broad range of geotechnical and civil engineering projects including wastewater and transportation. Based in Delve’s Washington DC office, she has 19 years of experience in geotechnical engineering with an emphasis in underground construction. She has spent 14 years of her career working on DC Water’s DC Clean Rivers Program, which is a $2.6 billion CSO program consisting mainly of large-diameter, soft ground tunnels; shafts; adits; and near-surface structures. Amanda earned her BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee and her master’s in Civil Engineering/Geotechnics from Northwestern University. She is a registered professional engineer in Washington, D.C.

James Schick, CEG, is an engineering geologist with 26 years of experience in the practical application of the geological sciences to both large- and small-scale engineering, permitting, and environmental projects. Based in Delve’s Portland office, he has expertise in detailed site characterizations as well as broad general surveys for projects involving tunnels, dams, transportation, trenchless crossings, pipelines, industrial facilities, and power generation sites. He earned his bachelor’s in Geology and Chemistry from Middlebury College and his master’s in Geology from the University of Oregon. He is a registered professional geologist in Utah, a licensed engineering geologist in Washington, and a certified engineering geologist in Oregon.

James Struthers, LEG, CEG, PG, is an engineering geologist with 28 years of experience in geotechnical design and construction. James is based in Delve’s Seattle office. His expertise includes management and technical oversight of the geotechnical portion of transportation megaprojects and as the designer of record for bridges, marine facilities, new highway alignments, and rock slope and landslide mitigation projects. James earned his bachelor’s in Geologic Sciences (Structural Geology) from the University of Washington and is a licensed engineering geologist in Washington, a certified engineering geologist in Oregon, and a licensed geologist in Idaho.

Eric Westergren has 32 years of experience in the construction of heavy civil projects, as well as vertical building projects, with an emphasis in building information modeling (BIM) and critical path method (CPM) scheduling/project controls. Based in Delve’s Cleveland office, Westergren provides virtual design coordination, logistics planning, and computer simulation services to contractors and designers facing complex constructability issues. He is also Delve’s design technology practice lead. He earned his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.

SOURCE – Delve Underground