TROLINING Gains New Partnerfor North America

In July 2005, Ultraliner Inc. , Oxford, Ala., acquired the U.S. and Canadianrights to the TROLINING technology and intends to offer its newest product lineto the Ultraliner licensee network.

At the 2005 WEFTEC show, Ultraliner also hosted a meeting with its licenseesto introduce these new technologies and to provide relevant information andpromotional materials.

Like the Ultraliner PVC Alloy Pipeliners, which is applicable in pipediameters up to 24 in., the TROLINING process has significant quality assuranceadvantages over competitive alternatives, with simplicity and ease ofconstruction combined with certainty of post-construction design compliance,thereby substantially limiting the risk of project failure, according to companyofficials. The resulting lower risk exposure is particularly desirable in thecritical large diameter size ranges.

The broad chemical and temperature exposure capability of TROLINING offersmany industrial project opportunities that can’t be done with any othertechnology. The new partnership therefore represents a perfect combination tosupply customers with the most appropriate product.

In August 2005, two of Ultraliner’s field service personnel, Sam McLean andRay Stover passed a hands-on installation training during on-going TROLININGprojects in Germany. Skills and knowledge gained during that training will nowbe passed on to the individual Ultraliner licensees in North America.

New U.K. Dealership Announced by Brewis Direct Ltd.

Brewis Direct Ltd., based in Somerset, United Kingdom, has been appointedU.K. agents for Reduct NV’s patented DuctRunner DR-HDD-4.1 gyro probe, a simplebut highly effective, tool for 3D Gyro mapping.

The DuctRunner DR-HDD-4.1 is a gyro-based probe designed for mappingunderground utility infrastructures, providing quickly a 3D-centerline digitalimage of the customers’ pipeline infrastructure from 40-mm to greater than800-mm internal diameter.

The DuctRunner DR-HDD-4.1 Pipeline Mapping System is a multi-diameter andmulti-pipeline material Pipeline Mapping System. The Orientation MeasurementUnit is the core of the systems to which a variety of different wheel systemscan be attached. The unique wheel system designs allow the DuctRunner DR-HDD-4.1to pass welds, T-junctions and other deformities in a pipeline without problems.

The patented X-Traction data processing software provides fast and accurateresults. Compared to the cost of conventional gyro mapping services, theDuctRunner DR-HDD-4.1 will realize significant direct and indirect cost savingsand will set a new standard in HDD handover information or when mappingunderground infrastructures.

Brewis Direct Ltd. specializes in the design, development and manufacture ofequipment for the trenchless technology industry. Since 1984, Brewis has beensolving trenchless technology problems using innovative design and manufacturingknowledge.

IFAT China 2006 Set for June

The Chinese provinces of Guangdong and Shandong and the Free State of Bavariawant to collaborate more in the area of environmental protection. A specialenvironment program will take place in this respect under the patronage of theBavarian Minister of the Environment Werner Schnappauf at IFAT CHINA 2006.

The 2nd International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection is beingorganized by Messe München International in Shanghai from June 27-30.

The partner provinces of Bavarian, Guangdong and Shandong are among theleading growth regions in China. The Bavarian Minister of the Environment WernerSchnappauf will be a guest at the opening of the “Environment Special Bavaria,Guangdong, Shandong” on June 28.

The focal point of the event will be a panel discussion, in whichhigh-ranking representatives of the Shandong and Guangdong provinces will shareexperiences and talk about perspectives for collaboration in environmentalprotection with the Bavarian Minister of the Environment. Water and energyshortages, sewage treatment, air pollution and waste treatment are among themost pressing environmental problems in China.

Products and services in the areas of water supply and sewage treatment,waste, recycling, environmental technology and more environmentally compatibleenergy will be exhibited on the trade fair grounds in Shanghai-Pudong. IFATCHINA is considered an international networking platform; 252 exhibitors from 17countries and approx. 9,500 visitors from 69 countries were already there at itspremier in 2004.

Organizers of IFAT CHINA are the Munich Trade Fairs International Group (MMI)and Shanghai New International Expo Centre Co.,Ltd. (SNIEC), with Munich TradeFairs (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., serving as an organizing partner.

Additional information is available at

AEM Committee Urges New European Safety Standard forHDD

AEM’s Trenchless Equipment Committee represents the manufacturers of roughly90 percent of the horizontal directional drills (HDDs) sold worldwide. Butexisting safety standards outside of North America aren’t always conducive tothis specialized type of machinery.

The committee recently sent a letter to the European standards organizationCEN urging it not to amend its existing European vertical drill safety standardto include horizontal directional drills. The committee’s position is thathorizontal and vertical drills are so different that the vertical drill standardwould place irrelevant and inappropriate requirements on horizontal directionaldrills.

In addition, the committee believes that the vertical drill standard won’tresult in a comprehensive safety standard for HDDs. The Trenchless EquipmentCommittee is now urging CEN to develop a dedicated standard under the ISOumbrella of safety standards (where the global community would participate inits creation) or write a comprehensive European standard specifically coveringHDDs and their unique safety needs.

Pan Terra Awarded Project in Calgary

Pan Terra Industries Inc. recently announced that it has been awarded a $3.7million project by Landsdowne Equity Ventures of Calgary, Canada, to provideintegrated earthworks, underground and surface works for the new Hampton’sresidential development in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Pan Terra was selected because of its ability to respond to an aggressivecompletion schedule. The work will commence immediately with completion expectedby June 30, 2006.

Additionally, the company has been awarded an innovative trenchlesstechnology project at Foothills Hospital in Calgary as part of its existing siteredevelopment contract.

Pan Terra also announced that Thomas England will join the company on April3, as manager of underground services. England has an extensive background inall aspects of underground construction working for leading pipelinerehabilitation companies in the United Kingdom and more recently in Canada. Hisexpertise in trenchless technologies and acquisitions are an excellent fit withPan Terra’s strategic growth plans.

Pan Terra is a construction solutions contractor that develops new sites andredevelops existing sites to the point where an owner, developer or generalcontractor can proceed with building construction. Its focus is site preparationand underground utility installations and rehabilitation.

MWH Acquires Australia-based Liquid Earth

MWH, a global provider of environmental, engineering and constructionservices, recently announced the acquisition of Liquid Earth, a consultancy firmbased in Perth, Australia, that provides hydrogeologic services to mining andindustrial clients. The move enhances MWH’s strategy to build a strongerpresence in South Asia Pacific and increase the types of services offered tonatural resource industry clients in that region.

“This transaction provides MWH with a significant presence in WesternAustralia that will enable us to further leverage our service capabilities inthe South Asia Pacific natural resources market, in particular the environmentalmanagement of mining projects,” said Alan Krause, president of the NaturalResources, Infrastructure and Industry division of MWH. “Our business inAustralia has been growing steadily over the past few years and, with theaddition of the Liquid Earth portfolio of services and hydrogeologic experts,we’re now better positioned to pursue a broader range of new opportunities.”

Formed in 1998 and headed by Doug Brown, Liquid Earth recently won PilbaraIron’s “Provision of Intellectual Services” award for the completion ofinnovative and cost-effective work.

“The combination of MWH and Liquid Earth will allow significant opportunitiesto apply our experience gained in mine site water management and to address thebroader water resource challenges facing Australia,” said Brown.

In addition to a full suite of engineering and environmental services,including the development and management of infrastructure assets – particularlyin water, wastewater and stormwater.

MWH can trace its history in Australia back to 1907, when A.K.T. Sampbellbegan undertaking water supply projects in Victoria. The company he foundedeventually became Scroggie Engineering, which merged with Montgomery Watson —now MWH – in 1993 to form Montgomery Watson Australia. With the acquisition ofLiquid Earth, MWH now has six offices in Australia and 26 offices throughout NewZealand.

Precarn Pledges $500,000 to Help Canada’s WaterSystem

Ottawa-based Precarn Inc., a not-for-profit national consortium ofcorporations, research institutes and government partners supporting thedevelopment of robotics and intelligent systems (IS), has announced more than$500,000 in funding for a Canadian robotics project that aims to ensure thecontinued safe and economic operation of water pipelines used to transportdrinking water and wastewater.

The funding is part of nearly $1.5 million that is being provided by Precarnfor projects in the information and communications technologies sectors,including the creation of an intelligent national coastal surveillance system.The pipeline project will support the development of PipeDiver, a motorized,self-contained, intelligent system capable of inspecting sections of PrestressedConcrete Cylinder Pipe or PCCP (the type of pipeline widely used to transportwater in Canada) that are too small for humans to enter.

“Precarn is committed to advancing collaborative research efforts in theinformation and communications technologies sector,” said Precarn president andCEO Paul Johnston in announcing the project.

The PipeDiver project is being led by The Pressure Pipe Inspection Co. Ltd.of Mississauga, Ont., and includes: partners Orvitek Inc. of Markham, Ont.;InvoDane Engineering Ltd. of Toronto; the Halifax Regional Water Commission inNova Scotia; C-CORE of St. John’s, Nfld.; and, Queen’s University in Kingston,Ont. Together, they are devising an intelligent inspection “robot” that will beable to make real-time decisions as it travels through a PCCP water pipeline.

“Unlike oil and gas pipelines that are specially-designed to launch andretrieve automated inspection tools, the only way into a PCCP-based system isthrough existing fixed access points such as manholes,” explained projectmanager Xiangjie Kong.

Precarn’s portion of the funding represents more than one-third of the totalpartner investment in PipeDiver, which amounts to just under $1.4 million. Theinnovative project is scheduled for completion by December 2007.

Collex Pty Ltd. Delivers Upgrade to Sydney WaterCorp.

Collex Pty Ltd, as part of NetWorks Alliance, is now in the field deliveringa $250 million, four-year water services upgrade for Sydney Water Corp.

In the largest consolidated water main renewals program ever undertaken inAustralia, NetWorks Alliance will initially replace water pipes at 700 sites inthe next 18 months — addressing potential dirty water, leaks and main breaksfrom stressed pipes.

Sydney Water Corp. established the Alliance in May 2005 with partners,Collex, Bovis Lend Lease and CLM Excavations. Working with the Alliance arespecialists: Parsons Brinkerhoff and Bowdens Group, providing design capability;KMH Consultants, providing environmental management services; and PhillipsGroup, providing communications and community relations services.

“The project is a significant investment in essential infrastructure. Our aimis to minimize water loss, ensure the consistent delivery of good quality waterand serve communities long into the future,” said Collex’s Alliance LeadershipTeam Representative Trevor Groeneveld.

During its four-year term, the Alliance expects to renew 300 km of watermains, significantly increasing the current rate of renewals. Works will improvewater supply services to more than 30,000 homes and thousands of other customersincluding schools, childcare centers, hospitals, utilities, local communitygroups and businesses.

The massive program will roll out across 40 local government areas and hasstarted in Bankstown, just 20 km south west of the Sydney CBD. Undertakingrenewals in footpaths and roads, NetWorks Alliance crews are working withinhighly diverse communities across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarraregion.

A majority of the Alliance’s work will take place in the clay belt that runsthrough western Sydney from Peakhurst to Rouse Hill, and other areas with heavysoil conditions. Water main construction methods of the 1940s, 50s and 60s —when many of these areas were developed — used cast iron pipes without theprotection of sand fill, resulting in limited flexibility, poor drainage andcorrosion and causing 98 percent of today’s problems.

NetWorks Alliance is replacing the cast iron system with new, flexible pipes,using world best practice trenchless technologies to minimize excavations anddisruption to the community.

Trenchless Events in Brazil

The Brazil Society for Trenchless Technology (ABRATT) is sponsoring severaltrenchless events this summer, including its II Brazilian Congress forTrenchless Technology July 25-26.

According to ABRATT president Sergio Palazzo, 2006 is an important year fromthe construction, renovation and rehabilitation of underground pipelines inBrazil using trenchless methods. He noted that the City of Sao Paulo — thesecond largest city in the world — recently passed a law prohibitingopen-trenching. If it’s technically not viable to use trenchless technology,then the contractor or underground pipeline owner must resurface the entireblock on that particular street, he said.

In addition to the Congress, other events taking place include a roundtablediscussion June 25 during the SOBRATEMA program at the M&T Expo to discussopen-trench problems, social costs and trenchless technologies. For moreinformation, go to

There will also be an extensive trenchless program for engineers at theUniversity of Sao Paul July 3-7.

For more information on all of these programs, contact Palazzo

UIMC Explores Underground Utility Issues

Broadband services are the key to economic development in the 21st century,former Rural Utilities Service (RUS) administrator Chris McLean said during akeynote speech at the fifth annual Underground Infrastructure ManagementConference (UIMC) in Washington, D.C.

The 2005 conference was held Dec. 5-6 at the Hilton Washington EmbassyRow.
McLean, who served as RUS administrator during the Clintonadministration, added that information is crucial for our society and emphasizedits importance not only for commerce, but also for education, security andhealth care, among others. McLean also outlined RUS’s role in theelectrification of rural America in the 1930s and 1940s and explained how RUScould perform a similar function in the deployment of broadband, aided byavailable funding through the agency.

McLean was one of 24 presenters during the two-day conference, which wasgeared toward decision-makers involved with running underground utility systems,particularly water and wastewater utilities. The program was divided into fourtracks: Finance, Managerial Issues, Asset Management and Technology.

More than 75 participants took part in the event, which was sponsored byUnderground Infrastructure Management, a sister publication of TrenchlessTechnology International.

The sixth annual UIMC is being planned. For information,

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