Marc Anctil Receives NASSCO’s Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award

The NASSCO – Infiltration Control Grouting Committee (ICGC) 2023 Harold Kosova Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Marc Anctil in February. Introduced in 2022, the intent of the award is to respect and honor those whose lifelong career accomplishments have changed the grouting industry.  Pete Fleetwood was honored with the Award the inaugural year, and Marc Anctil was the well-deserved recipient in 2023.

Anctil grew up in Quebec, Canada and attended an Irish Catholic high school. After studying economics at Sherbrooke University, he earned a degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing.  Anctil began his career in the sewer industry in 1994 with Logiball Inc., starting in marketing, then sales, product manager, and eventually president. He served on the NASSCO Board of Directors for nine years, served as NASSCO’s president in 2008, and in 2015 was awarded the Select Society of Sanitary Sewer Sleuths Award. Anctil has also contributed countless volunteer hours to our industry, including his service as chair of ICGC for several years.

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Anctil was involved in the development of the first Grout Boot Camps which evolved into Grout School and has taught at every grout school since its inception in 2012. He has played a key role in the development and promotion of several grouting tools and equipment including the Flexible Lateral Push Packer, the Long Span Lateral Packer and the Manned Entry Lateral Packer System. 

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