LMK Technologies Adds Jed Mechanical Contractors Inc. as Licensee

LMK Technologies has announced that Jed Mechanical Contractors Inc. as the latest licensee and installer to join the LMK team.

Jed Mechanical Contractors Inc. is a plumbing contractor that has been in business since 1949. The owner of
Jed Mechanical, Robert DiPalma is a master plumber and gas fitter in Virginia, Maryland, WSSC, and Delaware. Jed Mechanical specializes in replacing lateral sewer lines with cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP).
DiPalma first got involved with CIPP sewer lining for laterals in 2001, in an effort to find a better way to repair deteriorating sewer lines without having to dig up the grounds, parking lots and sidewalks surrounding each project. As Jed Mechanical Contractors, DiPalma secured several significant pipe lining contracts working on Historic District properties designated as Virginia landmarks and listed in the National Registry, sub-contracting with main line contractors to install cleanouts and lateral liners.

By adding LMK’s innovative Performance Liner lateral systems to its repertoire, Jed Mechanical hopes to progress even further in the field of trenchless technology. With LMK’s systems Jed Mechanical Contractors will be able to install through cleanouts in hard to reach areas with no homeowner disruption, cure liners in just a couple of hours at ambient temperature while providing high caliber and long lasting trenchless solutions to their clients.

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