Krakow Conference Is a Success

From June 15-17, the ninth International Conference, Exhibition and Technology Shows – TRENCHLESS ENGINEERING 2011, took place in the Tomaszowice Manor near Kraków, Poland.

This year’s event, organized by the Wydawnictwo Inżynieria sp. z o.o. publishing house, was joined by 240 registered participants and approximately 100 visitors, who arrived to see the exhibition and shows. The conference was attended not only by the representatives of construction, production or design companies, but also providers of equipment, investors and academic representatives.

The conference was fostered by the following entities: Ministry of Infrastrucure, His Magnificence, prof. Kazimierz Furtak, PhD Eng., Rector of the Kraków University of Technology, His Magnificence, prof. Antoni Tajduś, PhD Eng., Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology, Polish Trenchless Technology Association, ‘Polish Waterworks’ Chamber of Commerce.

Once again the INFRA S.A. company was appointed as a general sponsor of the Conference, whereas the following enterprises acted as panel sponsors: CONSOLIS Polska sp. z o.o., HABA-BETON Johann Bartlechner sp. z o.o., JL MASKINER w Polsce sp. z o.o.; AMITECH POLAND sp. z o.o. and HOBAS SYSTEM POLSKA sp. z o.o. acted as supporting sponsors.

At the opening, Paweł Kośmider, chief editor of the Trenchless Engineering welcomed all the conference guests. The main session was commenced by prof. Cezary Madryas, PhD Eng., who discussed the subject of innovative solutions in trenchless technology. During the session, lectures were held among others by representatives of the Wrocław University of Technology and the ‘Polish Waterworks’ Chamber of Commerce on risk analysis in network infrastructure overhauls, risk analysis in the microtunneling and HDD technology, as well as the Chamber’s guidelines in terms of trenchless technical renovation of water and sewage pipes in urban areas. A delegate of the KMG Liner Tec covered the SPR technology, as an introduction to the show of SPR lining installation in an oval-shaped pipe, held by the INFRA S.A. company at the end of the session.

During the next part of the conference, the following lectures were given: modern prefabrication in transport and technical infrastructure, applications of PRC polymer concrete ramming pipes by Meyer company, as well as microtunnelling technologies in the construction of waste water pumping system from left-bank of Warsaw to the Czajka district. The subjects of construction of broad-diameter sewage networks and multi-purpose tunnels in Poland, ground compaction without compressors by means of the GRUNTON filling mixture and self-hardening Drill-mix rinser in HDD drills were also presented.

This year for the first time a panel discussion was organized on the subject of the current status and prospects for the development of drilling liquids. This point of the program attracted a sizeable audience who listened to a discussion conducted by Robert Osikowicz, panel host, with the following experts: Marcel Bijleveld (Cebo Holland), Frank Canon (Baroid Industrial Drilling Products), Krzysztof Czudec (HEADS sp. z o.o.) and Jacek Jaworski (Hekobentonity sp. z o.o.). The afternoon session were concluded by a practical show of Ditch Witch OnGrade held by the JL Maskiner w Polsce sp. z o.o. company.

Rodeo HDD acted as another novelty of this year’s conference. What is important, it was the first drilling competition in Poland that was organized for contractors performing installations by means of directional horizontal drilling. Three drilling teams of the following companies participated in Rodeo HDD: Telprojmont sp. z o.o., Żala sp. j. and ZRB Janicki; they competed for awards funded by Heads Polska sp. z o.o., POLROC I sp. z o.o. and JL Maskiner w Polsce sp. z o.o. The first place was taken by the ZRB Janicki from Gierałtowice. According to the performance summary, the ZRB Janicki occurred to be the best in terms of speed and precision of pilot drilling, whereas the Żala company was the best in the category of polyethylene pipe installation. Ultimately, the ZRB Janicki company was announced as the winner of the Rodeo competition. The course of the competition was supervised by the following jury: Robert Osikowicz (ROE), Frank Canon (Baroid Industrial Drilling Products) and Mirosław Makuch (Hydrobudowa 9 S.A.).

The first day of the conference was concluded with a barbecue feast, during which the participants were served with splendid dishes and could also go for ‘touch challenges’, sponsored and organized by the HERRENKNECHT AG. The guests could try their luck on a climbing rock, which attracted great interest both among ladies and men. Many visitors were also bold enough to get a professionally drawn caricature portrait.

The second day of the conference was also devoted to discussions. The lecturers elaborated on measurements of cross-section deformation, scratch span and length, as well as size of other damages detected by diagnostics of sewage lines, dimensioning of pipeline repair linings, as well as new technologies for repairs of steel and cast iron water pipelines. A number of reflections regarding tests and examinations of repair linings were brought up. Also the subject of professional equipment was covered. After the session, the first part of the ‘machine-based’ sewer gully MRT renovation technologies presentation was held by the MC BAUCHEMIE, dealing with the preparation of the gully for the repair. The second part of the show, that is laying of repair and protection mortar, was presented later during the day.

In the subsequent course of the conference, the participants discussed subjects associated with examination and repairs of brick structures of utility facilities, problems of repairs of brick or concrete gullies and chambers as an element of renovation of gravitational sewage networks, as well as modern trenchless pipeline renovation systems. The project was associated with the delivery of a gigantic microtunnel in Munich (DA4100 DN3200) or a HDD drill of a record length of 3,930 m. The audience’s attention was also focused on considerations about technical conditions that should be required by road administrator from the investors.
The last session of the conference was devoted to underground infrastructure wiring, which was partnered by the MPWiK Waterworks and Sewage Company of Kraków. During this session the aspect of innovative technologies in the construction of IT networks in terms of cable laying within the underground city infrastructure. A representative of the Technitel told the audience that there is no need to fear the construction of broadband networks within sewer or storm water systems. Furthermore, he advised the listeners on the methods of acquiring EU subsidies for this purpose and coping with all legal and official procedures. The representatives of the Kraków Waterworks and Sewage Company, as well as its Specialist Service Unit presented the benefits arising from broadband network construction in this technology on the example of their own enterprise. In conclusion, the FAST technology for the construction of fiber-optic networks in city sewer networks was presented.

All lectures and presentations were interpreted simultaneously, thanks to which there were no language barriers between the visitors coming from outside of Poland, that is United States, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia. The various presentations dealt with subjects associated with the branch not only from the scientific, but also practical perspective, so that everyone could find something of one’s own field. The guests could also acquaint themselves first of all with the latest products and technologies and to complement their knowledge during the live technology shows.

Along with the session, an exhibition of equipment and products of the trenchless engineering branch took place. The stalls were located both outdoors and indoors.

The Thursday evening featured an annual festive Gala, during which the TYTAN and Tytan Investor’s Laurel awards were granted. The winners out of the companies nominated by the editor team of the Trenchless Engineering magazine where selected by a specialist jury.

In the category of product of the year – new installation, the TYTAN award was granted to the P.R.I. INKOP sp. z o.o. company, while the Tytan Investor’s Laurel for this investment was handed to the City Magistrate of Olsztyn. Additionally, the following consortium was announced as the winner in the category of product of the year – renovation: INFRA S.A., HYDROBUDOWA POLSKA S.A., PBG S.A., WIERTMAR sp. z o.o. Correspondingly, the Tytan Investor’s Laurel was granted to Łódzka Spółka Infrastrukturalna sp. z o.o.. The following consortium was recognized as the best in the category of European trenchless engineering projects: HYDROBUDOWA 9 S.A., P.R.G. „Metro” sp. z o.o., KWG S.A. The mention of honor in form of the Tytan Investor’s Laurel was handed to MPWiK w m. st. Warszawa S.A. Finally, the TYTAN statuette for the best product of the year was granted to Amitech Poland sp. z o.o., while UNIMARK sp. z o.o was recognized as the company of the year.

After the distribution of all the prizes, a party by the music of Blue Transfer band continued until late night hours.

The last day of the conference featured a trip to the cellars of the Kraków market square, as well as sports competitions during the Second World Squash Championships of Trenchless Engineers.

On this occasion, the organizers would like to thank once again all the sponsors, lecturers and the large group of guests who attended the Tomaszowice Manor, and to invite them to participate in the 10th Anniversary International Conference of TRENCHLESS ENGINEERING 2012.

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