KA-TE Develops Portable Multifunction System for Robot Work in Sewer Rehabilitation

KA-TE, the Swiss distributor of sewer rehabilitation robots, has added a portable multifunction system to its line of products. The newly developed KA-TE COMPACT system allows rehabilitation companies to carry out projects in sites that would otherwise be difficult to access.

In addition, the system — with the full functional capabilities of the KA-TE milling and filler robots — can even be installed in existing vehicles; a particular bonus for international customers.

According to Andreas Lieb, general manager of KA-TE, the idea for the new development came from a customer’s request for a KA-TE system for milling in a factory hall. The hall entrance did not have the dimensions to accommodate the 3-m height of the system vehicle. The new development makes it possible to fit the entire system, including the hydraulic system, cable drum, compressor, water tank, water pump, and the electric system, as well as an extendable swiveling crane, into a single, independently stable steel frame. With this 850 kilo 2100x800x1750 mm (length by width by height) frame, it is possible to directly transport the system to its application site and the system, according to Lieb, “is immediately ready to operate, even if it’s just sitting on the ground.” Even the installation into a vehicle of the customer’s choice is very straightforward: “The system is secured to the vehicle by only four screws; a cable connects the system to the control panel.”

The KA-TE COMPACT system is equipped with a robot cable and an 85-m hydraulic hose kit and has the full functional capabilities of the reliable KA-TE system. The 250 liter integrated water tank is operated at a mobile control panel with a built-in keyboard and 15-in. flat screen monitor. The system can perform the entire range of milling and filling work as well as the work carried out by the KA-TE shield placing mechanism, whether in difficult-to-access areas such as cellars and tunnels or in level fabric halls, and without any sacrifice in functionality or long-trusted KA-TE quality.

In particular, it is international customers who stand to profit from being able to easily install the KA-TE COMPACT system in existing vehicles, says KA-TE CEO, Christian Noll. Since no special vehicle entry permit is required, shipping this system abroad is both easier and faster. The option is only available for milling robots. However, the system can be extended at any time to include filler robots or the KA-TE shield placing mechanism. The system has repeatedly proven itself in real life applications. One sewer rehabilitation business owner ordered a complete system vehicle, but would not have been able to meet the deadlines for his order due to the vehicle manufacturer’s shipping schedule.

In just two weeks, KA-TE was able to provide him with a KA-TE COMPACT system, which he then installed in an available existing vehicle. Since the mobile system spares the costs of a new vehicle and interior fittings, the investment in the new system is actually more affordable, says Noll. It is also easy to remove the system from a vehicle and remount it in another vehicle.

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