Jensen Precast Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Jensen Precast, one of the largest family owned precast concrete companies in the United States, celebrated 50 years in business on Feb. 14, 2018.


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Founded by Donald Jensen in Reno, Nevada, the manufacturer provides communities, businesses, and government agencies with industry leading products and services for underground infrastructure needs.

“We started as a one-man operation and now employ more than 800 workers throughout Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada,” said Donald Jense, founder and CEO of Jensen Precast. “As we celebrate our milestone 50th anniversary, my personal thanks to every employee, customer, and vendor who help make Jensen Precast a thriving success.”

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Jensen Precast engineers and manufactures highly durable concrete products that offer lasting solutions for water, energy, transportation, and telecommunication initiatives. Among a robust product portfolio, the company delivers precast concrete manhole structures, septic tanks, utility vaults, water pipelines, stormwater systems, and highway barriers and bridges all designed for expedient and exact installation.

Precast concrete benefits engineering, contracting, and installation teams by enabling consistent quality and alignment of cost efficient infrastructure components made to endure highly corroding elements.

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“For five decades Jensen Precast has provided high quality products and services for customers ranging from residential neighborhoods to multinational corporations,” said Eric Jensen, president, Jensen Precast. “We’re a family owned company that constantly engages next generation skills and expertise. We work hard to help set the standards that move the industry forward.”

Donald Jensen began casting concrete parking curbs as a teenager attending Reno High School. After founding Jensen Precast in 1968 with a single facility in Reno, the young entrepreneur expanded operations in 1978 to Las Vegas, Nevada. The endeavor was the most challenging of his career, Jensen says, but the experience created a solid template for future business opportunities.

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Over the next four decades, Jensen Precast grew in size and reputation as it opened branches across California, Hawaii and Arizona. The company continues to introduce new products in step with market demands, including stormwater and onsite wastewater systems to help address increasing environmental considerations.

Today the still growing company operates 11 branches throughout the western United States. For more information about Jensen Precast, visit For details on the 50th Anniversary Celebration, go to