ISTT Announces New Executive Director

Trevor Gosatti - ISTT ED

The Board of Directors of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) announced that effective March 1, Trevor Gosatti assumed the role of executive director.

Gosatti replaces Peter Smeallie, who has been the ISTT executive director since April 2017 and announced his resignation last November. Gosatti has been appointed on a part time basis for an initial term of six months with the option of an extended term after a performance evaluation.

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“The ISTT Board welcomes Trevor to the position of the Executive Director of the ISTT in this challenging period for the organization,” said Keh-Jian (Albert) Shou, ISTT chairman. “We look forward to Trevor contributing to make the ISTT more financially sustainable and actioning the objectives of the Society for the advancement of trenchless technology.”

Gosatti has been involved with the ISTT as:

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  • ISTT board member (previously ESC) of the ISTT since 2017
  • Chair of the ISTT Outreach & Marketing Committee
  • An individual member of the ASTT for more than 20 years including being an ASTT councillor since 2007, seven years as ASTT chairman and the secretary/treasurer of the ASTT since April 2023. He will continue in this part time position going forward.

He has a background as a civil construction contractor incorporating trenchless technologies within his previous business interests. He has also had experience as a managing director of a stock exchange listed trenchless technology company in Australia.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to be the Executive Director of the ISTT and I look forward to serving the board and the members of the ISTT going forward,” said Gosatti. “In coming into the role, I acknowledge the excellent contribution of the outgoing ED in Peter Smeallie and thank him for his service to the organization over a seven year period including a difficult time during the pandemic. The ISTT thanks him for his service.”

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Those wishing to contact Gosatti by emailing,, calling +61 (0) 419918449 or via the mail at PO Box 2242, Malaga LPO WA 6944, Australia.


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