ISCO Industries Adds New Distributor in Mississippi for Snap-Tite

To provide a greater distribution network to customers in Mississippi, Louisville-based ISCO Industries LLC, recently announced the addition of a new distributor for its Snap-Tite product line. The new distributor is Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Inc.

This is an exclusive distributorship agreement between ISCO Industries and Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. to service all customers in Mississippi. Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. will now distribute the Snap-Tite culvert lining HDPE pipe, Thread-Liner and any large-diameter culvert lining products within the state. The distributor agreement went into effect on April 1.

“Since we are currently doing business with city, county and state agencies, along with contractors throughout Mississippi, Snap-Tite is a good product choice for us to promote and sell,” said regional manager-central region for Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Mike French. “The partnership with Snap-Tite and Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. is a win-win for both parties involved.”

“Southern Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. is well established statewide with 26 locations in Mississippi,” said Snap-Tite regional sales manager Ryan Harrington. “At any point in the state, you are no more than 70 miles away from at least one of the distributors’ locations.”

The Snap-Tite HDPE culvert lining system is a no-dig pipe lining solution. Its patented machined male and female ends snap together to form a water tight seal. The Thread-Liner HDPE piping system uses a unique lock joint to easily convert short lengths of pipe into a continuous pipeline.