ISCO Announces 2006 Fusion Academy

 ISCO Industries has set the dates and locations for its 2006Fusion Academy.
The free, half-day sessions feature demonstrations andhands-on instruction in the latest HDPE fusion and connection techniques in aworkshop atmosphere. This year ISCO has added several full day sessions — calledFusion Academy Plus — that will enable participants to receive a qualificationcard in areas of fusion and HDPE techniques and procedures. There will be a $250fee per student for these special full-day sessions.

“Last year we instructed more than 2,000 students in areas ofbutt fusion, socket fusion, saddle fusion, electro-fusion, mechanicalconnections and more,” says Mark Kirchdorfer, ISCO vice president of operations.“Because of our own expansion and the extra demand for training we added severalnew cities and dates for this year’s sessions, including qualification sessionsin several locations.”

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Representatives from top product and equipment manufacturerssuch as McElroy, Friatec and Central Plastics will be on hand to demonstrateproper joining techniques using the latest equipment. Students will work withMcElroy 2- to 18-in. fusion machines including the TracStar self-containedmodels — like the McElroy TRAC 28 and 412 machine — as well as the SidewinderSaddle Fusion machine and new McElroy Dataloggers. Other equipment includeselectro-fusion processors, fittings, fabrications, accessories, special tooldisplays and demonstrations of hot tapping and hydrostatic pipe testing.

“A highlight of each Academy session is the Skills Challenge,”Kirchdorfer says. “Teams of students use their newly-acquired welding skills tocompete in a hydrostatic pressure ‘to destruction’ competition. The studentsreally get into testing the joints and connections they’ve made.”

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Enrollment information is available online or by calling (800) 345-ISCO (4726).