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Intake Works Links Up With The HDD Co.

trenchless-technology-logoIntake Works LLC and The HDD Co. are working together to bring to market subsea intakes for seawater desalination projects along the California coast and elsewhere.

Announced at the International Desalination Association World Congress in San Diego, the partnership markets under the Intake Works brand and strive to meet the global needs for low-turbid, clean water for desalination plants that does not interfere with the marine ecosystem. The technique exploits the advantages of trenchless expertise honed over 20 years of drilling and operational experience.

“The HDD Company is pleased to be engage with Intake Works LLC on developing subsea intakes along the West Coast,” said Neil Swope, President of The HDD Co. “Don’t forget that Horizontal Directional Drilling is all we do, every day”. With almost 100 years of experience in the senior management team and in excess of 1000 bores, The HDD Co. is recognized as world-class experts in ocean outfalls and shore approaches.

Building on the Intake Works’ knowledge of the market, the team anticipates an active fourth quarter of this year and has projects in the pipeline for the next two year.
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