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Innovation of Month: Sprayroq SprayWall

Utility located in North-Eastern Florida

Early in 2020, a project was identified through a utility’s engineering department for seven severely deteriorated manholes in the area. The initial capital-improvements-funded project called for these seven manholes to be conventionally excavated and replaced with new structures. Unfortunately, this work would disrupt the local community for at least six months with heavy construction, bypass pumping, and extensive M.O.T. that would reroute residents for miles around the construction site.

Sprayroq SprayWall

Rather than full excavation, Engineered Spray Solutions, LLC (ESS), a Sprayroq Certified SprayWall Application Partner concluded that the project was suitable for structural lining with SprayWall at various structural thicknesses leading to tremendous cost savings and minimal disruption to the community.

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