Work to rehabilitate the city’s sanitary sewer mains in the areas of Century Hill, Huntington Commons and Saybrook will begin in mid-September. These sewers are located under parkways, streets, sidewalks and backyards, and it is anticipated that the work will be complete in December, according to the Naperville Sun.


The technology utilized to repair and restore the sewer pipe is known as cured-in-place-pipe. This is trenchless technology that involves inserting a flexible liner into the existing sewer pipe and heating resin inside the liner to harden it in place. This results in repair of the sewer pipe without the need to dig a trench to reach the pipe.


“This trenchless method will eliminate tree loss, prevent the disturbance of nearby landscaping and avoid long-term traffic inconveniences,” Department of Public Utilities Wastewater Collection and Pumping Supervisor Tony Conn said. “It is a cost-effective and efficient way to repair underground pipelines. This method of sewer rehabilitation is widely used to repair aging sanitary sewers that are experiencing deterioration, tree root intrusion and groundwater infiltration. CIPP will add another 50 to 100 years of life to the sanitary sewer system.”


Any damage that may occur to public or private property during this project will be repaired and restored to pre-construction conditions by the contractor, Visu-Sewer.


“The contractor will be placing door hangers on residents’ doors 24 hours before the sewer pipe is lined in front of their homes,” Conn said. “At that time, we ask that you make sure there is water in all of the floor drains in your home, as this will prevent odors from entering into your home. When you see the door hanger, please note that this is a reminder to not use any water and ensure there is water in the floor drains.”


Any questions about this project can be directed to Tony Conn at 630-420-6137 or by e-mail to

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