EnviroCure in the field

How to Avoid Styrene Emissions in CIPP Installations

With recent awareness of styrene emissions in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installations and concerns of its safety to the public and onsite workers, Applied Felts® Inc., set out to provide an alternate solution to the expense of non-styrenated resins.

The key to reducing styrene emission is containment, which is accomplished with barrier materials (coating) to prevent the molecules from permeating the liner. Similar materials are used in food packing to prevent spoiling.

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Applied Felts began research, development and testing in 2019 with the final development and manufacturing of EnviroCure® in 2023. EnviroCure is a heat-cured, styrene impermeable polymer coating that eliminates styrene emissions and odor- from the truck to the install (no styrene in steam plumes). The only alternative to non-styrenated resins (let the liner do the work!).

In addition to using a styrene impermeable liner, we have included additional precautions that need to be taken to avoid styrene emissions:

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  • Preliner is recommended, installed from point of inversion to tail, so the resin is contained during inversion. It is critical in lines with services that could potentially allow styrene to migrate into a connected structure/building.
  • Precision wet-out (accurate measurements) with dry liner from shooter to invert, with minimal exposed resin in the tail. (the preliner prevents styrene migration from occurring in these areas of exposed resin)
  • Liner ends should be sealed at wet-out to prevent styrene emission during transport
  • Factory installed soft-end for water installations
  • Order EnviroCure repair film with the liner, to keep the barrier properties consistent
  • Power wash refrigerator storage/truck prior to transporting EnviroCure liner, install fresh wall and floor covering materials.
  • Do not transport EnviroCure liners with standard CIPP liners
  • Clean or replace old hoses and piping material used during steam and water curing

EnviroCure and the crucial steps above will control costs and eliminate styrene emissions. Let the liner do the work.

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