HOBAS Pipe Expands Field Service Support

HOBAS Pipe USA is continuing the expansion of its field service group and now includes seven technicians located across the country.  They have nearly 75 years of combined HOBAS experience. This is one of a variety of ways Hobas provides support for their customers.

Kimberly Paggioli, P.E., vice president, quality control and marketing for HOBAS said, “We have knowledgeable area managers, a detailed and thorough engineering department and a hands-on field service group, all of whom are a valuable resource to our customers.”

HOBAS field service manager Randy Whiddon explained, “My department provides clients, contractors, and the HOBAS sales staff with a knowledgeable, useful and reliable resource in preventing, solving, and correcting problems, which may occur in the field. And they serve as a liason between the field and the in-house technical staff.”

Installation of centrifugally cast, fiberglass reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe is quick and easy with predictable, reliable pipe performance using many installation methods.   Push-together joints are simple and fast to assemble and the lightweight pipes are safe and easy to handle.  

HOBAS field service technicians are available upon request to assist before, during and after the installation.  The Field Service Department will establish ongoing communications with the installers of Hobas pipe to discuss their particular project at any stage of the work.  They will also observe and provide recommendations related to construction practices. This includes transporting, handling, storing and installation of Hobas pipe.  

HOBAS Pipe USA manufactures pipe in diameters from 18 in. to 126 in. for a variety of applications and installation methods. It is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 and exceeds the product standards for sanitary sewer pipe.

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