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Henkel Acquires Critica Infrastructure

Henkel recently announced its acquisition of Critica Infrastructure, parent company of Fyfe FRP and GeoTree Solutions.

“As part of our strategic growth agenda, compelling acquisitions play a key role in actively shaping our portfolio. This transaction is an important step to significantly strengthen our maintenance, repair and overhaul portfolio in a dynamically growing market by expanding our offering through innovative solutions in adjacent application areas,” said Carsten Knobel, Henkel CEO. “Our aim is to create a new platform that will enable us to add further adjacent businesses, stimulate further growth and enhance our position as global leader in the adhesive technologies market.”

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In fiscal 2023, Critica is expected to report sales of around $110 million. The company employs around 250 people and has eight production sites, most of them in the United States. The business supplies products to about 3,000 asset owners, contractors and distributors. The portfolio comprises composite wrap and reinforcement solutions as well as insertion valves for oil and gas transmission, refining, chemical, and water supply systems. The solutions are marketed under the brands CSNRI, Advanced Valve Technologies, Fyfe FRP and GeoTree Solutions.

“We are excited about the opportunity to add this strong innovative portfolio of fast-growing and highly profitable MRO solutions to our Adhesive Technologies business. It is a strong strategic fit to our existing portfolio, adding highly complementary repair solutions, which clearly contribute to shaping the sustainability megatrend,” said Mark Dorn, executive vice president and responsible for Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business. “The transaction will enable us to create a growth platform for our MRO business, giving us access to leading maintenance service providers and contractors as well as pioneering and certified technologies for critical infrastructure.”

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SOURCE – Henkel

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