HEBNA Corp. Receives NASTT’s Abbott Innovative Product Award for Rehabilitation

HEBNA iMFLHEBNA Corp., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, recently received the Abbott Innovative Product Award for Rehabilitation from the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT).

NASTT honored HEBNA’s series of iMFL pipeline inspection tools at the 2017 NASTT No-Dig Show in Washington, D.C. The HEBNA iMFL tools have the unique capability to inspect steel (or any ferrous host pipe) through an internal lining. Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tools used for the inspection of steel pipes have been in use for decades and are a highly accurate method to detect metal loss due to corrosion or pipeline damage.

A limitation in the application of MFL tools has been their inability to inspect steel pipelines with an internal lining because the tool’s array of magnets must be touching or be in close proximity to the pipe wall to obtain an accurate reading.  After years of research and development, HEBNA iMFL Services Inc. has introduced iMFL, a series of magnetic flux leakage tools which can inspect steel pipelines through any non-ferrous liner material (cement, polyethylene, cured-in-place pipe, etc.) in high definition delivering results equal to or exceeding the results of standard MFL inspection of unlined pipe.

“We were very excited to be selected for this award from the wide range of new and impressive technologies,” said David Simpson, COO of HEBNA Corp. “There are thousands of miles of lined steel pipelines around the world which were unable to be MFL inspected until now. Additionally, there are pipeline owners, notably many in the regulated pipeline industry, who had been hesitant to use liners to protect and rehabilitate their pipelines because of the lack of adequate inspection technology. iMFL opens up the advantages of pipeline liners in PHMSA regulated pipelines and many others”

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NASTT annually recognizes two companies with state-of-the-art products in either a new installation or rehabilitation for their achievements in advancing the trenchless industry. In October 2010, NASTT re-named these prestigious awards in honor of Joseph L. Abbott, Jr. Joe was an active member of the society since its inception in 1990.

For more information, contact Simpson at dsimpson@hebna.com, 403-969-2961 or visit hebna.com.

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