Imagine a Day Without Water 2020

Garney Construction Promotes Imagine a Day Without Water

Every day, people drive on, under, and over public infrastructure. The first two are easy to observe—the roads you drive on and power/telecommunication lines you drive under.

What you don’t see is what you drive over—waterlines that bring clean water to your home and workplace; and sewer lines that take away your liquid waste.

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Do you know which one you can’t live without? Water.

Garney Construction created a video (below) that serves as  a good reminder that water is essential for everything we do in life.

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Imagine a Day Without Water – Oct. 21, 2020 – is a campaign to raise awareness about how water is our most precious resource, yet the most undervalued. America’s water infrastructure is rapidly aging and deteriorating. Since water infrastructure is largely invisible, it’s out of sight, out of mind for most people.

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While nature provides water, it takes pipes, pumps, equipment, and people working 24/7 to deliver clean water to homes and businesses, and then remove and treat wastewater so it can safely be reused or returned to the environment.

The gap between funding water and our water infrastructure needs is growing daily and is currently at $81 billion, according to a recent study by ASCE and the Value of Water Campaign.

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We can’t continue to ignore this fact. Please let your local, state, and national elected officials know you want change and support increased funding and necessary rate increases required to make this happen.

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