Fiber Network in Sri Lanka Uses HDD

Sierra Global Network (Pvt) Ltd., a leading firm in the telecommunication infrastructure development sector has taken another step forward by implementing fibre optic cable projects using the Horizontal Directional Drilling, commonly known as HDD technology, according to the Daily News, Sri Lanka’s national newspaper.

HDD is allowing construction companies to install underground telecommunication network infrastructure minimizing or eliminating the need for excavation. In most developed countries this trenchless technique has been used to install underground ducts along the roads as an alternative to traditional digging techniques.
Long installation lengths can be achieved (even up to several kms) by dividing the work length into shorter sections (100m – 200m as an average). The length of each section will depend on the characteristics of the machines and the design requirements.

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Director/CEO of Sierra Global Dr. Arosha Fernando said in the article, “After a series of successful demonstrations, the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) and Road Development Authority (RDA) and a number of telecommunication operators approved and appreciated the usage of HDD technology considering its direct benefits.

HDD technology will reduce environmental damage and social costs and at the same time, provide an economic alternative to the traditional open-trench methods of installation of fiber-optic cable.
In early days, rivers and railway crossings were the first applications of this HDD technology due to the fact that traditional digging techniques were not suitable. However, in developed countries this new technology has been mostly used today and in some countries it is compulsory to use only this technology in any of the fibre optic cable project.”

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“This minimizes even up to 95 percent damage to the roads since construction will be underground in most of the construction length which is a great benefit especially for countries such as Sri Lanka.”
Sierra has been involved in construction of underground telecommunication network infrastructure for the past 28 years and has always been maintaining the leading market share in this segment.

Sierra obtained the expertise training of HDD by sending its senior engineering staff to Canada where theoretical and practical aspects of HDD were ascertained. In the past Sierra has successfully used the HDD technology to implement telecommunication fibre optic cable projects in a number of overseas countries including India and Australia.

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