Ferro Monk Completes Motorway Project

Ferro Monk Systems, one of the United Kingdom’s leading sewer and pipeline rehabilitation specialists, has recently completed work on Phase 1 of a project on the M180 motorway. The work, which was finished on time and on budget using Ferro Monk’s Ferrocement solution, was six figures in value and required the team to pay special attention to the local environment.

Working with Carillion WSP, the main contractor onsite, and the Highways Agency, which commissioned the work, Ferro Monk cleaned and surveyed the nine Highways Agency culverts under the motorway. The company then completed the work using its own Ferrocement Lining System.

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Ferrocement linings are ideal for the repair and renovation of sewers, tunnels and culverts suitable for man entry.

The project involved Ferro Monk Systems paying special attention to the impact the work might have on the local wildlife, as the culverts are connected to fresh water drainage ditches running in and around farmlands that surround the M180, including swans and their nests, voles, fish and much more.

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Ferro Monk Systems managing director Danny Heffernan explained: “We had to take considerable care in our approach to the project, because of the proximity to the local wildlife. We worked closely with both Carillion WSP and the Highways Agency to ensure everything went to plan and nothing was unduly disturbed or harmed.”

The successful completion of the work carried out on Phase 1 subsequently led to Ferro Monk Systems completing a Clean and Survey project as part of Phase 2 of the M180 motorway project to an additional eight 8 culverts.

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About Ferro Monk Systems

Ferro Monk Systems, part of the Clugston group of companies, is one of the United Kingdom’s leading wastewater asset and pipeline rehabilitation specialists. The company is one of only a few companies operating in the United Kingdom undertaking works using both remote and man entry methods. It employs a diverse range of materials and techniques, including its own unique patented and fully approved Ferrocement lining system. The company is also the U.K.’s first officially approved contractor to use Ultracoat, the 100 percent epoxy sprayed lining system.