Ditch Witch Partners with AEM on Vacuum Excavation Safety Video

Ditch Witch Safe ProgramComplementing the Ditch Witch Safe Program, the Ditch Witch organization has partnered with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) to develop a video sharing instructions for safe, productive operation of vacuum excavation equipment.

“We are committed to helping underground contractors continue to expand and improve underground infrastructures while mitigating damage and exposure to unnecessary risk,” said Susan Harmon, product safety and compliance manager, The Charles Machine Works, manufacturer of Ditch Witch products.

Members of AEM, including the Ditch Witch organization, recognize that more contractors are taking advantage of versatile, productive vacuum excavators, which are designed to minimize damage to utilities and contribute to a company’s overall damage prevention routine.

“Damage prevention is a shared responsibility, making communication and cooperation essential to reducing injury, lost time, cost and damaged equipment,” said Harmon.

This 19-minute DVD, produced in conjunction with four other members of the AEM Underground Equipment Manufacturers Council (UEMC), is available for purchase through the AEM Store and complements an existing 35-page vacuum excavation safety manual also available from AEM. Ditch Witch customers are eligible for a complementary DVD copy. Email info@ditchwitch.com to obtain your copy.

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