DCA Success Looks Like This Ad Campaign

DCA Launches Success Looks Like This Campaign

Today’s jobseekers have tended to overlook job openings in the distribution pipeline industry as a great first step toward their dream career. An alluring new workforce initiative – Success Looks Like This – now makes it difficult not to.

The Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) officially launched its Success Looks Like This initiative in February. A host of sponsoring companies have been promoting the campaign individually and posting their contributions to the overall on their own social media sites since December 2022.

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The campaign’s intended audience ranges from high school students and college graduates about to enter the workforce, to non-traditional candidates with large gaps in their work history or training in a completely unrelated field, to employees just looking for something more rewarding than their current job.

It also provides campaign guidance for employers, sharing insights with them on the psychology of today’s diverse workforce and what candidates are looking for in a job.

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Need to Educate the Workforce

The Success Looks Like This campaign is DCA’s proactive response upon discovering what influences Gen Z and Millennial career choices.

Most candidates tend to prioritize financial success, as well as the potential to have a positive impact, contributing to a worthy cause. They also place high value on working in a friendly and supportive work culture that supports a healthy work/life balance.

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However, many Gen Z and Millennial jobseekers had one or more misconceptions about pipeline-related jobs. Among these were fear of failure, believing that the jobs required skillsets they did not possess or could not acquire. For some it was a false notion that pipeline work is low-paying, dirty, harmful or dangerous work.

Inspirationally Educational Resources

The Success Looks Like This campaign materials use a humorous tone and bold language to connect with the audience, resetting any misperceptions about the underground utilities industry.

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The materials show what industry roles entail, their function and the opportunities for training, professional development and personal advancement.

Participating companies have access to fliers, posters, and thousands of photos for use in their own social media, all featuring real-life industry professional at their job in friendly, safe and orderly work environments.

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The sponsoring companies of this campaign included Centuri, United Rentals, Ditch Witch, Wyo-Ben, Vermeer, Artera, ISCO, Charge, Pipe Strong, ECI Contracting, Primoris, Intren and Vacuworx.

One of the strongest resources in the campaign is a suite of videos, each featuring underground utilities professionals whose various roles span all levels of the industry:

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•  Laborer

•  Executive

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•  Backhoe & Hydroex Operator

•  Drill & Locate Operator

•  Welder & Fuser

•  Safety Director

•  Office Executive/Coordinator

•  Foreman

Let’s Get To Work

Campaign materials lead jobseekers and employment providers alike to the DCA workforce development microsite, DCALetsGetToWork.

Site navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Employers can post their jobs at the site and find resources that educate them about the various strengths of each diverse subculture within the pool of candidates. Candidates in turn can easily search through job openings, apply for DCA scholarships and upload their resumes. Uploading their resumes on the sites currently gets them in front of more than 230 industry employers for consideration.

This Is What Success Looks Like On the Road

Promotional materials including the videos are available on the DCA website and its social media platforms. They will also be available in DCA and member booths at select industry tradeshows and exhibitions. These include such events as the SkillsUSA TechSPO in Atlanta (June 19-23), ASCA in Atlanta (July 15-18) and Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky (Sept. 26-28). 


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