CSA Standards & NASSCO Announce Canadian PACP Program

CSA Standards, a leading standards-based solutions organization, and the NASSCO have announced the availability of the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program Version 6.0 (PACP) in Canada.

This new certification program provides pipeline professionals in Canada and the United States with the necessary knowledge and information to visually evaluate sewer pipe conditions and manage TV inspections required for assessing trenchless projects before they begin. This will help to ensure positive underground pipeline repair and rehabilitation results.

This new edition includes the CSA Plus 4012-10 Technical Guide Visual Inspection of Sewer Pipe, which provides a “top-down” approach to help Canadian communities and utilities make decisions about their infrastructure.

“CSA Standards welcomes the opportunity to work with NASSCO to help Canadian pipeline professionals accurately assess infrastructure assets using standard tools and methodology common across Canada and the United States,” says CSA Standards president Bonnie Rose. “By recognizing the critical needs associated with aging and climate-vulnerable infrastructure, this certification program will help determine sewer pipe conditions within a utility, and compare sewer pipe conditions at different points in time and for different utilities.”

“The need for condition assessment in the trenchless industry is growing,” explains NASSCO executive director Ted DeBoda. “Initiatives such as ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card, the EPA’s Gap Analysis Report and other congressional and private interest data demonstrate that the demand for standards is increasing not only in the United States, but throughout North America and around the world. We are pleased that CSA Standards has helped to identify this need and has assisted NASSCO in establishing guidance for pipeline assessment across Canada.”

The expansion of PACP into Canada began in 2009 in Quebec. The Centre for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU) worked closely with NASSCO to establish a French version of PACP as a standard and uniform protocol for sewer condition evaluation. CSA Standards is working to help bring the PACP and the technical guidance of CSA Plus 4012 to the rest of Canada.

For a schedule of upcoming PACP classes, please visit www.nassco.org. To learn more about CSA’s Canadian PACP offering, including a list of qualified instructors, visit www.csa.ca/infrastructure.

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