Sauereisen corrosion protection & rehabilitation

Corrosion Protection & Rehabilitation

Sauereisen corrosion protection & rehabilitation

Sauereisen is a 123+ year old Pittsburgh based manufacturer of specialty materials utilized in a variety of harsh chemical & high temperature environments for substrate protection & rehabilitation. Sauereisen, markets their products & protective systems worldwide.

In the wastewater market Sauereisen has developed a series of materials & systems that are utilized for the protection of concrete, brick and other substrates against inflow, infiltration and chemical attack (corrosion). Sauereisen has a successful, well-established reputation among contractors, municipalities, and engineering firms worldwide.

Sauereisen products include epoxies, grouts, repair materials, joint materials, I & I barrier formulations and corrosion barriers. Their engineered products include both organic (resin-based) and inorganic materials to protect concrete, steel and brick structures from even the most aggressive of wastewater environments. These materials have been used successfully in virtually all collection system structures and treatment plant structures/areas (including the containment areas for chemical handling).
Ph: 412-963-0303

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