Condux International, Tesmec Spa, Enter Joint Venture

Condux International Inc., Mankato, Minn., has entered into a joint venture with Tesmec Spa, Italy.  The ownership of the JV will be equally shared. The new JV company, Condux Tesmec, began on June 1, 2009 and is located in Mankato.

The company will take advantage of Condux’s North American market strength and knowledge as well as its ability to assemble and manufacturer certain products.  In conjunction with Condux, Tesmec’s advanced proprietary equipment technology and manufacturing know-how and processes to design and produce will enable the JV to provide superior products and service to the high voltage transmission and distribution market.  Equipment and accessories will be stocked and shipped from the Mankato location.

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The JV will provide stringing equipment and accessories to the North American transmission and distribution market. The stringing equipment represents the latest and safest stringing equipment technology.  Providing utilities and utility contractors the ability to improve productivity and efficiency while limiting downtime and improving job site safety.

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