Dubai, UAE-based Channeline International Fiberglass Mfg. LLC, a leading manufacturer of custom built, non-circular and circular glass reinforced plastic (GRP) structural lining systems, recently achieved ISO 16611:2017 certification. The certificate was issued on May 21, by Bureau Vertias, a globally recognized third party testing, inspection, and certification company.

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The ISO 16611:2017 certification covers plastics piping systems for drainage and sewerage without pressure — non-circular pipes and joints made of glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) based on unsaturated polyester resins (UP).  This document specifies the requirements for non-circular GRP pipe systems, designed to be used for the renovation of existing channels or open cut installation. This document specifies dimensions, requirements and tests of non-circular pipes including short and long-term properties.

Andy Sherwin, technical sales manager for Channeline International, notes that this is an important milestone in Channeline’s more than 35-year history and will help bolster its global customers’ confidence in Channeline’s product line. The certification also gives assurance to prospective clients in need of structural lining solutions with a 100-year service life.

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Devanand Chelot, Channeline’s QA/QC manager and Blessen Bovas, divisional manager, were instrumental in assisting the third party inspectors who conducted the audit which involved a full review of all test reports, witnessing and reviewing of all ongoing long term tests at Channeline’s laboratory and ongoing long-term tests at an independent laboratory. A complete visual walkthrough inspection of the manufacturing facility, review of sample design with validation of a third-party finite element analysis and extensive review of test certification, equipment and instruments.

SOURCE – Channeline International

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