CERIU Meets in Quebec City

CEIRUThe Centre for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU) held its 19th annual INFRA Conference in Quebec City, Canada, Dec. 2-4, 2013. The venue was the Quebec City Convention Centre.

The focus of the three-day conference was a critical discussion on Sustainable Urban Development Methods. Topic areas in the conference included storm water management; drinking water; pipeline rehabilitation; root construction; underground infrastructure; and safety; signage; and traffic management. Trenchless Technology publisher Bernie made a presentation covering the 20-year history of trenchless technology.

CEIRUThere were numerous exhibitors. Trenchless-related exhibitors included ADS Canada, HOBAS, Sanexen, Saertex, Echologics, Uponor and Veolia.

Details and location of the 2014 INFRA Conference will be posted on CERIU’s website at www.ceriu.qc.ca.
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