Another successful trenchless seminar took place in Brisbane,Australia, on Aug. 1. To fit the location, this seminar focusedparticularly on the infrastructure issues facing Southeast Queenslandand the ways trenchless technology is playing a role in solving theseproblems.ASTT Queensland Councillor Andy Krumins opened the proceedingswith a general survey of trenchless technology. Construction lawyerArch Fletcher and sewer rehabilitation expert Lance Horlyck reprisedtheir successful presentations from previous seminars, looking atalliance contracting and inspection and condition assessment,respectively. David Stewart, Queensland’s deputy coordinator general,introduced delegates to the full range of infrastructure work underwayat the moment, before the afternoon’s speakers provided a more detailedlook at some specific projects.GHD director Nick Apostolidis presenteda paper on two major water jobs being undertaken at the moment. KevinBourne provided the details on the Beenleigh, Merrimac, Pimpana (BMP)Alliance, while Matthew Norbert covered the Western Corridor WaterRecylcling Project.David Abbott provided a hands-on view of the EasternPipeline Alliance comprised of A J Lucas, Transfield Services, SunWater and GHD.Covering some larger diameters than the averagetrenchless project, Jim Heffernan from the Brisbane City Council spokeabout the North South Bypass Tunnel, including a scale model of the12.4-m diameter TBM that delegates were able to play with.
The seminar was followed by a dinner, at which local comedian James Hunter kept everyone laughing. The
day was made possible by the sponsorship of Kembla Watertech.

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