Benjamin Media offers educational “Business Series”of webinars

Updates Benjamin MediaInc. is pleased to bring you its new “Business Series” of webinars, whichprovides up-to-the-minute information you need to navigate today’s treacherouseconomic environment.

The “Business Series” – titled the Economies ofSuccess — kicks off with a presentation covering business valuations, presentedby Brad Dawson, Managing Director of LTV Dynamics. Each attendee will beprovided with a Corporate Value Calculator Tool.

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“With over 15 years serving our respective markets throughprint publications, trade shows, conferences and seminars, we are excited to addthis service to our readership,” said Rob Krzys, associate publisher of BenjaminMedia.

The Economies of Success series will offer attendees the option ofpurchasing single webinar registrations, or discounted registration for theentire series. Topics will cover economic outlooks, business valuations, assetprotection and succession planning, management strategies, regulatory andlegislative developments, market trends and more.

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“With the economypresenting a challenge this year, we saw the need to provide cost effectiveeducational opportunities for people who may be unable to travel,” Krzys said.“With the Economies of Success series, we provide a low-cost option to delivervaluable information.”

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