Avanti 40th AnniversaryAvanti International is proud to announce that the company has reached a milestone, celebrating 40 years as an industry leader.

Founded in 1978, Avanti began with only one product, AV-100 Chemical Grout, used primarily to seal leaking sewer lines. Company owner and grouting industry pioneer David Magill was the integral leader who helped in developing industry wide standards and practices. Over the decade that followed, the company added its first urethane product, and held its first grout school training program.

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In the late 1980s through the 1990s, Avanti continued to expand its product line, adding the first hybrid acrylic product, AV-118 Duriflex. In addition, the company introduced new industry standards, including the Safe Operating Practices Program, the V-PAT Technique and the EGP Technique.

Through the years, Avanti products have been used in several landmark projects including: the Toronto Transit Commission subway system leak remediation program, the City of Dearborn, Michigan combined sewer overflows (CSOs) curtain grouting project, United States Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and other Department of Energy sites. Most notably, Avanti’s hydrophilic products were used in the World Trade Center cleanup after 9/11.

Throughout the years, Avanti has maintained its commitment to providing education with grout school programs serving the municipal, industrial and geotechnical sectors.

“I am very proud that the company is able to celebrate our success and longevity,” noted Angela Magill, owner of Avanti and widow of company founder David Magill.

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President Britt N. Babcock, PE, remarked, “We are honored to be able to celebrate four decades of accomplishments for the company and the industry, and look forward to the next 40 years.”

SOURCE – Avanti International