InfoSense SL-Rat Inspection Standard Released by ASTM


InfosenseThe American Society for Testing Materials or ASTM recently released a new standard based on InfoSense’s Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool or SL-RAT technology for inspecting gravity sewers.

The ASTM standard F3220-17, titled “Standard Practice for Prioritizing Sewer Pipe Cleaning Operations by Using Transmissive Acoustic Inspection”, provides a new basis for municipal collection system operators, consulting engineers, and their associated contractors to work from when developing specifications for sewer cleaning and maintenance programs.

More information on the standard can be found here:

The SL-RAT finds sewer blockages fast saving time, water and money. Stop cleaning clean sewer lines by focusing collections resources with the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool. The SL-RAT uses patented active acoustics to provide a quick view of blockage conditions within gravity-fed sewers. The test takes three minutes with no flow contact. Inspect 10 to 20,000 ft per day with two people.

Operating cost is typically 1/10th – 1/20th that of alternatives. EPA validated. GPS enabled. Download data to the Sewer Line Data OrGanizer or SL-DOG for archiving, visualization in Google Earth, or integration with enterprise/GIS applications.

The SL-RAT has inspected over 75 million feet of municipal sewer pipe with over 180 utilities around the world – reducing sewer overflows and saving customers millions of dollars in avoided cleaning costs.
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