AOC Aliancys Announces New Company Name

Beginning March 2, AOC Aliancys will operate under the name AOC, with a new logo and tagline, “Trusted Solutions.”

“As AOC, the company incorporates a recognized brand and a strong reputation for quality and innovation,” said Joe Salley, CEO, AOC Aliancys. “The company’s new slogan, Trusted Solutions, aptly describes how the company has, and will continue to serve as a valued partner.”

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AOC Aliancys is a global supplier of polyester and vinyl ester resins, gelcoats and specialty materials used for the composites industry.  Since its formation in 2018, AOC Aliancys’ combined global team has worked together to serve customers around the world with a diverse product mix, unrivaled customer service and a wide geographic reach. That same commitment will continue.

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“Our entire new branding reflects the strength of all of our regions,” said Fred Norman, CEO AOC Aliancys, Americas.

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“From our name to our slogan and visuals, we are creating a new brand that reflects elements of our combined history,” said Fons Harbers, marketing and sales director, AOC Aliancys Europe.

The company’s legal name will be AOC in all regions, including Europe, Asia and the Americas. The new name and branding will be unveiled at JEC World 2020 in Paris on March 3. Visit AOC at booth 5A, N40.

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