American Steel Pipe Completes $70 Million Expansion

American Steel Pipe recently completed its new $70 million, 150,000-sq-ft steel pipe processing facility expansion.

The new facility is the length of three football fields and doubles American Steel Pipe’s annual processing capacity to 700,000 net tons. American Steel Pipe, a division of American Cast Iron Pipe Co., manufactures electric-resistance-welded steel pipe in diameters from 10.75 to 24 in. and in lengths up to 80 ft.

“It is two times the size, two times the capacity and much more,” said Jon Noland, division sales manager for American Steel Pipe. “This expansion builds on American’s commitment to produce the highest quality steel pipe, made in America – The Right Way.”

The new processing facility houses the latest in pipe finishing technology, including two new hydrotesters and ultrasonic testing machines. The facility also features advanced traceability. “Each pipe is weighed, measured, stenciled and barcoded for complete identification and traceability,” said Al Schneider, steel pipe superintendent. “Pipe characteristics, such as hydrotest results, steel coil vendor and chemistry of the steel, are verified against database order information before pipe is released for shipment.”

In addition, American Steel Pipe’s new facility contains numerous safety enhancements including a chain conveyor to move pipe through the facility and an underground pit to collect beveler shavings. “Gates around production areas also ensure employee safety,” said Schneider. “If a gate is opened, the equipment shuts down.”

The company also made upgrades to its 24-in. mill, including a steel skelp leveler, weld stand, seam annealers, flying cutoff, and a new marking system.

“We are extremely proud of this new facility and the upgrades made, and what they mean to our customers,” said Noland. “Our operations are now truly state-of-the-art, nearly fully automated from beginning to end.”
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