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Trenchless Technology Publisher’s Message – Amazing Pipeline Rehab Technology

I looked at the first issues of Trenchless Technology back in 1992 to see what trenchless rehab methods were being promoted. There were just seven companies: Aries, Avanti, Eco Liner, Insituform of North America, The Bullet (McElroy Mfg.), Trenchless Replacement Systems, and U-Liner Pipe. When you look at this year’s Pipe Relining Guide incorporated into this issue, it’s literally shocking to see how many trenchless rehab methods are now being offered.

This Pipe Relining Guide is the most comprehensive presentation available in the industry. It is grouped by pipe relining categories: CIPP, Resins, Laterals, Sliplining, Spiral Wound and Swagelining, Spray-applied Rehabilitation, Relining Materials, Condition Assessment, Software, Leak Detection & Inspection and QA/QC. Contact information is shown and, of course, websites. Capability data is also presented to assist you in deciding which rehab method is best suited for your services. Looking back at the seven companies noted above, can you identify the status of these companies today? The biggest change, of course, was Insituform of North America, which was rolled into with other Insituform licensees to form Insituform Technologies, which later became Aegion.

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Trenchless Technology Canada Trenchless Technology Canada

Perhaps you have noticed that we have a dedicated subset of Trenchless Technology that is devoted exclusively to the Canadian trenchless market. Its name is, of course, Trenchless Technology Canada. It’s now in its seventh year and is published four times a year. If you are subscribed to Trenchless Technology and have a Canadian address, you should additionally be receiving Trenchless Technology Canada. You can subscribe to either the print or digital edition by going to trenchlesstechnology.com/subscribe.

Just as in the United States, it is difficult the assess the trenchless market size and growth in Canada. There are two NASTT university student chapters in Canada, specifically University of Alberta and Queen’s University. There are also two major trenchless trade shows/conferences that have been launched that are unique to the Canadian market: Trenchless Technology Roadshow in cooperation with the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies and the University of Waterloo and NASTT’s No-Dig North. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, both of these 2020 events have been cancelled. We look forward to them in 2021.

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We’re still working remotely at Benjamin Media, publisher of Trenchless Technology, and that is working out really well. This is our game plan through the end of 2020, but it has not interrupted our coverage of everything going on in the trenchless industry in North America. I personally wear a mask going into any retail establishment, certainly practicing social distancing, and using a lot of hand sanitizer. Thankfully, all of our staff are virus-free, as well as their families.

Pray for a vaccine,

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Bernard P. Krzys, Publisher

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