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Alphaliner – Giving UV-GRP Pipeline Rehabilitation Installers a Competitive Advantage

The process of installing liners can be complicated and fraught with risk but our customized equipment, coupled with our proprietary Quality Tracker System™, make ALPHALINER® ultraviolet light-cured, glass-reinforced pipe (UV GRP) liners easier to install. The results are simple to see—greater efficiency and profitability, minimal risk-management concerns, less community disruption and exceptional ROI. 

With other liner systems, there’s no stopping once you start, which can cause profit-killing problems. But Alphaliner puts you in complete controllable-installation mode.

Alphaliner can structurally rehabilitate pipelines from 6” to 72” in diameter in a variety of shapes. It possesses superior structural properties and is thinner than competing liners in the marketplace, making installation faster and less cumbersome, which equates to higher productivity. 

The biggest advantage of choosing Alphaliner is that everything you need for a successful pipeline rehabilitation project is just ONE call away. It’s no secret that using multiple vendors inevitably slows a project down. It’s simple logistics: the more moving parts, the more chance for distraction, delay and derailment for your projects. That’s what sets Alphaliner from Reline America apart. 

We design and engineer it. From concept to creation to delivery, Reline America’s US manufacturing facility is your home for all things UV GRP.

We make it. You’ll have one source for materials, installation tech and accessories for higher productivity, efficiency, accountability, and less risk.

We support it…and you. Reline America is just one call away whenever you need us, 24/7, because things requiring help don’t always happen during normal business hours.

Call or visit us online today to learn more about the Alphaliner Advantage.