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AEM Releases Video, Runs Pro-Export Ads During Party Conventions

As the Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland and the Democratic convention gears up in Philadelphia next week, the Association of Equipment Manufactures (AEM) has developed a new video making manufacturers’ case for trade.

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AEMAEM will advertise the video (shown above) in both cities during the conventions in the wake of both parties propagating some misinformation about the relationship between exports and manufacturing jobs.

The association and its members strongly favor trade agreements, because the agreements represent some of the biggest obstacles toward exporting agrigulture and construction machinery. AEM believes that the campaign season has distorted the relationship between trade and the strength of manufacturers in the United States.

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The AEM created this video to tell its side of the story. The organization is also making a substantial commitment toward advertising these videos on major news sites and social media (Facebook and Twitter), with added targeting in Cleveland and Philadelphia over the next couple of weeks, according to Michael O’Brien, public affairs manager.

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By investing in adverting at the conventions, the AEM hopes to reach campaigns, delegates, advocacy groups and reporters while they are at the convention. The AEM is pushing this video (and a whole series it developed) directly to manufacturing industry employees in Midwestern swing states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania – to address misconceptions about trade that candidates have spread over the course of the campaign.
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