2018 HDD Showroom: Time to Buy

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You’ve made the decision to add a brand-spanking new HDD rig to your fleet of drilling rigs — Fabulous! Now comes the time choose which rig and brand. Do you stay with the same manufacturer or do you check out what others have to offer?

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Where do you begin? This section can help you get started with your search.

Each year, we invite the industry’s drill rig manufacturers to give our readers a basic look at what they have in their drilling rig showrooms. The information here covers the compact, midsize and maxi rig product lines of the top HDD rig manufacturers. The information presented comes directly from them. For more specific details, you need to contact the manufacturer — they are ready, willing and able to discuss your needs and all the bells and whistles you are after.

As always, all the information in this section comes directly from the rig manufacturers. No direct comparisons between equipment and manufacturers are made or implied.

Now let’s get shopping!

Sharon M. Bueno is managing editor of Trenchless Technology.

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Sharon M. Bueno

Sharon Bueno is the Managing Editor of Trenchless Technology magazine.

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