Registration Opens for WJTA Conference & Expo

Attendee registration has opened for the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo, which will be held in person Oct. 26-28 in New Orleans. Attendees and vendors are looking forward to the 2021 event after the cancellation of the in-person trade event in 2020. Information is available at

With its focus on high pressure applications, industrial vacuuming, industrial and municipal cleaning, hydrodemolition and related services, the WJTA Conference & Expo is a unique opportunity to see the latest technology and safety practices while forming valuable connections with industry peers.

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The conference and expo includes a daylong pre-conference short course covering waterjet technology basics and advanced applications that has sold out in previous conferences. Additional educational sessions run throughout the program offering attendees valuable insights to take back to their businesses and PDH credits for attendees to meet any related professional development requirements.

The expo exhibit hall features a variety of pumps, heavy equipment, specialty tooling, safety devices and much more for attendees to evaluate. Outdoor live demonstrations typically include new-to-market hydroblast pumps, vacuum equipment, automated cleaning systems and controls, all operated live and at pressure.

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Updates to WJTA Industrial Vacuum Recommended Practices

A revision to the WJTA “Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment,” which was last revised in 2018, has been approved by the WJTA Board of Directors.

The new fourth edition manual is scheduled for release in June. The update includes several content updates, and the redesigned manual will be published in a new full color format. The redesigned format matches the WJTA waterjet best practices manual, which was revised and redesigned in February 2021.

First published in 2008, WJTA’s vacuum equipment recommended practices are an essential reference for operators of air movers, liquid vac units, sewer cleaning combo units, hydro-excavators and pneumatic/air excavators.

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Medical Alert Card Introduced for Vacuum Operators

medical alert card

More than 250,000 of the WJTA’s water cut medical alert cards have been distributed since the pocket-sized cards were introduced in 2000. WJTA recommends operators of high-pressure equipment carry these cards so that in the event of a water injection incident, information from the cards can be provided to the healthcare provider on the possible nature of the injury. Even water pressures below 1,000 psi can penetrate the skin, and although a water cut may appear to be a small pinprick, there is the possibility of internal damage and infection risk that must be considered when treating the injury.

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WJTA is introducing a similar informational card for operators of industrial vacuum equipment. Industrial vacuum equipment can produce powerful suction with air velocities in the 100s of miles per hour. If a body part comes in contact with the vacuum hose end under suction, the resulting injury can be severe with internal damage and dangerous pooling of fluid in the extremities. The new card provides information on the possible nature and treatment of such a vacuum incident.

The new cards are now available at

WJTA Awards Life Membership to Industry Pioneers





In May 2021, the WJTA Board of Directors approved ‘Life Membership’ for Pat DeBusk and George Savanick, Ph.D., two industry pioneers and founding members of the association. Life Membership is granted only in unique circumstances for outstanding contributions to the association and has been awarded only once to David Summers, Ph.D. The WJTA website has additional details on the new Life Members.

WJTA Training and Certification

The association’s next hydroblasting Train-the-Trainer session will be offered at the Health & Safety Council (HASC) in Pasadena, Texas June 22-23. This course follows a successful Train-the-Trainer course in April, in which nine new candidates were approved as WJTA Verified Trainers.

The June session will feature the release of an updated curriculum that includes hands-on automated hydroblast training. The curriculum covers common aspects of typical automated cleaning disciplines and has been updated to meet demand from contractors and asset owners for standardized instruction on automated cleaning safety. Space in the course is limited, and an additional course is scheduled for Aug. 24-25 at the HASC.

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