HammerHead MaxPatch pipe repair

Watch: HammerHead Intros RS Technik’s RS MaxPatch at ICUEE

Hordes of people at ICUEE crowded around HammerHead Trenchless Equipment‘s outdoor booth to catch a glimpse of RS Technik’s RS MaxPatch in action. The MaxPatch is the newest addition to HammerHead’s suite of noninvasive equipment and consumables.

So, what is it?

Well, RS MaxPatch is a fast, trenchless, selective point repair system for pipes 3 to 48 inches in diameter. Working time of ambient-cure silicate resins is much longer than that of thermosetting polymers, and RS MaxPatch has the longest working time of any silicate-based resin offered by similar kits on the market. Additionally, use of RS MaxPatch allows for an ambient cure, as heat cure or other accelerators are not required for optimal performance.

Jeff Urbanski, RS Technik’s national sales manager, had a lot to say about it, and we captured a tiny portion of it above. Definitely watch that for more details.

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