Warren Environmental, A&W Maintenance Partner with Garney Construction

Warren Environmental A&W MaintenaceWarren Environmental and A&W Maintenance have announced the beginning of a new era as the two companies become 100 percent employee-owned by partnering with Garney Construction.

Garney, a 100 percent employee-owned company, is a national leader in water and wastewater construction, with nearly 1,350 employee-owners and an annual revenue of $842 million in 2017. The partnership provides Warren Environmental and A&W Maintenance with significant resources and financial strength for continued long-term growth in the epoxy coating systems industry. In addition, current and future employees gain a beneficial ownership interest in the combined companies without any personal investment.

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Co-founders of Warren Environmental and A&W Maintenance, Danny and Jane Warren, were attracted to Garney’s culture, which closely mimics their own strong culture, as well as their ownership structure. This structure gives the Warren Environmental and A&W Maintenance employees financial interest in the businesses’ success and represents a tangible way for the co-founders to reward existing employees who have played a critical role since each company’s inception nearly 35 years ago.

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“Our final decision to move forward with Garney was based on a mutual company philosophy of honesty in the workplace, and care for the people who work for our companies,” said Danny Warren. “It was essential that our team of dedicated employees be secure and thrive after the sale of our companies. Garney’s employee owned structure provides that.”

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Danny and Jane Warren will remain in their current positions to drive continued success.

“From a personal standpoint, the deal means not only financial security, but the opportunity to still be a part of the companies that we have painstakingly built over the last 35 years,” said Jane Warren. “It will be exciting to be a part of the future growth that Garney will accelerate because of their footprint in the industry.”

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SOURCE – Garney Construction