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Vortex Companies Appoints Johnathan Gonzalez as Vice President of HSE

The Vortex Companies announced the appointment of Johnathan Gonzalez to the newly created role of vice president of health, safety and environmental (HSE).

 “Johnathan has established a best-in-class HSE department and has done an outstanding job demonstrating ownership and keeping us safe while having a direct positive impact on our bottom line,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of The Vortex Companies.

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Johnathan Gonzalez - Vortex Companies HSE

A former Marine Corps sergeant, who also served in the Army National Guard, Gonzalez has more than 15 years of industrial safety experience. In his prior role as director of safety, Gonzalez and his five-person team were responsible for the development, update, direction, and implementation of health, safety and environmental programs for Vortex Companies’ fleet, facilities and field crews.

“In our industry safety must remain at the top of everyone’s mind each day,” said Gonzalez. “I am excited to take on this new role and continue to expand and improve the company’s safety initiatives.”

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Under Gonzalez’s direction and leadership, Vortex’s safety record has been exemplary as the importance of creating an environment around safety protects the welfare of Vortex employees, vendors, and customers. Gonzalez also serves as an on-demand resource and subject matter expert in matters relating to health, safety and environmental concerns as well as industrial hygiene practices.

 “The work that Johnathan has accomplished in his prior role has been instrumental in building our culture of safety,” said Matt Timberlake, chief administration officer at Vortex, who oversees several divisions, including HSE. “We are excited to see what he can achieve in his new role moving forward.”

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 “Always safe is our top value and habit,” added Vellano. “It’s important that the organization’s model reflects this. This move is a perfect example of what building winning teams looks like.”

SOURCE – Vortex Companies

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