Trio-Vision XPlorer Trio-Vision LLC, manufacturer and innovator of technology solutions for the wastewater market, recently secured a license from Envirosight LLC to manufacture and market manhole camera inspection devices that incorporate certain technologies and methods patented by Envirosight.

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The inspection products will be developed and sold worldwide under the product brand name of XPlorer .

The XPlorer line of lightweight, Lithium Ion battery powered pole cameras by Trio-Vision are designed for easy, single person operation. The FullHD wireless model is capable of capturing stunning 1080P video and photos. Control is determined by the user’s preference and can be an off-the-shelf Windows 10 Professional tablet, PC, convertible laptop or standard laptop. The system can be paired with AssetDMS Inspection software so operators can deliver reports and perform data exports, making integration to asset management software easier than ever.

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SOURCE – Trio-Vision