Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Underground Magnetics

Don’t let railroads, rebar, or rivers stop you, UMAG has a solution.

Underground MAgnetics

Whether you are drilling under rails or concrete with wire mesh and rebar, the Echo 50XF can handle it all. When switched into the sub-kHz frequencies the 50XF powers through passive interference and provides the locator with some of the most accurate results on the market. 

Need a little more range for highway and river crossings? No problem, kick the transmitter up into the high-power mode, with frequencies ranging up to 41kHz. The Echo 50XF features 16 frequencies and two power modes making it one of the most versatile, standard-size transmitters on the market. When paired with the Mag 9 or Mag 5s you’ll have a winning combination that will unlock endless job opportunities for you and your crew! This will be your go-to transmitter for almost any job. 

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High and Lower Power Modes
16 Frequencies, .325kHz – 41kHz
Depth & Data Range of 164ft in High Power and 131ft in Low Power.
15” long x 1.25” diameter

Check out Underground Magnetics at for more information or to schedule your demo today!

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