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Introducing the Spartan Patch Complete

Spartan Tool is proud to introduce the Spartan Patch Complete. This new ALL-IN-ONE no dig pipe repair system makes repairing damaged pipes is easier and more convenient than ever.

Spartan Patch Complete is a complete pipe repair solution: everything you need for the repair job is in one convenient box. Designed specifically with your work truck in mind, the boxes are compact and lightweight. Spartan Patch Complete can be done by one or two technicians in just a few hours.

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Spartan Patch Complete is a trenchless solution and doesn’t require excavation, which means your customers will experience little to no disruption. With cure times as low as one hour, most jobs can be completed within one day.

Grow your business by offering additional services with Spartan Patch Complete. This all-in-one solution the ideal way to get into pipe rehabilitation with no major investment in equipment. With the ability to fix damaged areas up to 24 inches in length and available in 3”, 4” and 6” pipe sizes, give your customers a convenient and affordable no-dig solution for damaged pipes. (Spartan Patch Complete is not designed for 45- or 90-degree bends or transitions from one size to another.)

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Spartan Tool patch diagram

The Spartan Patch Complete kit contains all the supplies needed for one patch job. This includes a one-of-a-kind single-use packer. The starter kit also contains the fiberglass patch material, the easy-mix silicate resin, disposable gloves, wire ties, tape, plastic work surface, protective sleeves, a spatula, the push hose, and fitting lock clips. The regulator assembly (regulator and gauge), vacuum assembly, and pull rope are also included and can be re-used for future installations. Replenishment kits containing all consumable items are also available.

An instructional video showing the installation process from start to finish is available on our website at

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The basic installation steps are:

  • Inspect and clean the damaged area.
  • Measure the inspection camera position and mark with tape.
  • Prepare the packer for a test install.
  • Transfer the measurement from the inspection camera to the push hose.
  • Perform a test run with the packer (but do not inflate the packer at this time).
  • Inspect and replace the protective sleeve.
  • Attach regulator assembly to push hose.
  • Test the equipment and inflate the packer to 5 PSI.
  • Mix the resin and spread on fiberglass patch.
  • Slide the patch onto the packer’s center point.
  • Insert the packer into the pipe and inflate to 5 PSI.
  • After waiting the appropriate cure time (which depends on the ambient temperature), deflate the packer and remove from the pipe.

Training is also available through your Spartan Tool Territory Manager. Our Territory Managers are knowledgeable professionals who will work with your business to find the best solution for your toughest jobs. We come right to your door in a full-stocked van and can provide on-site troubleshooting, training, and repairs. To find your local Territory Manager, please visit

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Since 1943, Spartan Tool has been manufacturing sewer and drain cleaning equipment for you, the professional user. We pride ourselves on producing innovative plumbing machine tools and other products that solve the problems of the drain cleaning market. We focus on safe operation, customer service, and equipment that pays back dividends over years – even decades – of operation. Spartan products are engineered for extraordinary durability, reliability, and ease of use. Learn more and contact us at 1-800-435-3866 or

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