Trenchless Technology Game Changers: RapidView IBAK North America

RapidView IBAK North America – History & Innovation

RapidView knew IBAK would be the perfect match since 1991 when they began their journey in the sewer inspection industry. Seeing many similarities between themselves, RapidView and IBAK came together in 2004 to form a partnership that has become known as the industry’s premium brand. The relationship between RapidView and IBAK has helped evolve the pipeline inspection industry across North America. Many of IBAK’s sewer inspection technologies have become standards over the years as the tools for pipeline inspection have evolved.

Founded in 1945, IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of pipeline inspection systems in the world today, as well as a leader of firsts and the oldest company in the industry. After many years of research and development, IBAK presented the first sewer TV inspection system in the world in 1957. From there, they’ve gone on to be the first to design and implement many more products. In 1993, IBAK invented the first lateral launching system for inspecting laterals from the mainline, and the first always-upright pan & tilt camera. The first pan & tilt camera for 4” and push systems was later introduced in 2000. In 2002, IBAK introduced the truly revolutionary 360º PANORAMO technology for mainline inspection, and in 2006 this technology was adapted for manhole inspections with the debut of the PANORAMO SI. In 2013, IBAK introduced the first fully integrated, completely digital HD inspection systems utilizing the benefits of the fiber optic cable as well as the first in a series of integrated rehabilitation cutters and grinders. In 2016, 3D GeoSense was released to the market allowing users to track their camera’s position and map their inspections in three-dimensional space providing them with accurate data regarding pipe position and orientation. In 2018, the PANORAMO technology advanced even further with the introduction of the high resolution 4K PANORAMO mainline and manhole inspection systems. 

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For more than 70 years, customers all over the world have benefited from the great experience of IBAK. As technology continues to advance, IBAK continues to design and manufacture pipeline inspection systems with features that are unique in terms of function and technology. RapidView IBAK North America imports, distributes, and services the complete IBAK inspection and rehabilitation product line throughout the country out of their facility in Rochester, Indiana, and has grown into the largest pipeline inspection equipment company in North America.

RapidView IBAK North America specializes in the highest quality pipeline inspection and rehabilitation equipment in the industry, including push cameras, mainline, lateral launch, high definition, 3D mapping, 360° pipe and manhole scanners, portable systems, cutters, software, and fully converted vehicles with complete system mounts. If you are a municipality looking to improve your city with cost effective equipment, or a contractor wanting a reliable fleet of equipment that will keep your business moving, then RapidView has you covered.

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