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Fuse with confidence when using TracStar® iSeries

Building on the success of McElroy’s TracStar® legacy, the TracStar iSeries brings a new level of performance and reliability to the pipe fusion industry.

The iSeries maintains the TracStar’s rugged, self-contained tracked vehicle while adding industry-changing technology across three new models, improving user experience across all jobsites and applications.
Powered by the new FusionGuide™ Control System, the iSeries offers three levels of control, from operator-controlled to fully automatic machine-controlled operations. This reduces the risk of most common user errors and improves efficiency in the field. By utilizing the DataLogger®, operators and contractors can ensure each fusion is recorded and complies with their fusion standard.

The TracStar 630i, 900i, and 1200i cover HDPE sizes from 8” IPS to 48” OD (225mm – 1200mm) and is capable of providing more than 3,000 psi for more powerful ground drive, pipe lifts, and other functions that require higher levels of pressure.