Trenchless Technology Game Changers: GEONEX

GEONEX Horizontal Hammer Boring Systems


Pulverizing obstructions, GEONEX makes boring through rock and mixed conditions look easy.  In 2022, the Finnish manufacturer of Down-The-Hole (DTH) Horizontal Hammer boring systems added another step in their growth by furthering their investment in North America.  After receiving the innovative product award at No-Dig in 2019,  GEONEX Inc, the U.S. Based company, has now internalized all sales and distribution operations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

With 5 Existing clients in North America accounting for 13 GEONEX Systems, satisfaction and reliability of the brand and method keeps their clients wanting more, which has further led to offering rental options which are proving advantageous in offering the solution to more clients in more places.  

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If you have ever gotten a cobble stuck in your auger, had to pull auger to investigate a rock out cropping, or simply had to change methods based on differing soils in your bore path, the DTH Horizontal Hammer Boring method is a proven viable solution.  Used in both new utility installations in similar situations to auger boring and other pipe jacking methods, the GEONEX DTH System has proven an asset in in installing HDD Conductor casings. 

What separates GEONEX and DTH Horizontal boring from traditional pipe jacking is the DTH Hammer. First, cutting action is done in-line with the bore path by accelerating a heavy carbide buttoned steel bit to breakdown solid formations at the front of the bore path.  This differs significantly to other methods that utilize a rotating face designed to cut and scrape as difficult soils. Casing is advanced further by the steel bit striking the inside of the casing creating a straight installation with minimal deviation, as opposed to traditional jacking from the rear which is more susceptible to deviations to a path of least resistance.  

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Other specific incorporated innovations make site set-up and boring with GEONEX fast and efficient despite cobbles, boulders, solid bedrock, and mixed face conditions.  The wide range of soil conditions with the same down-hole tooling make the GEONEX DTH Boring system a great tool for any Trenchless Contractors’ toolbox.  

For more information visit or call 1-844-4GEONEX

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