Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Epoxytec

Epoxytec Technology Combats I&I to Protect Valuable Infrastructure


Epoxytec has successfully provided innovative lining solution technologies for the water wastewater industry for 30+ years. Tnemec Company’s recent acquisition of Epoxytec has fostered the expansion of those capabilities. The companies’ combined resources have facilitated R&D growth that continually improves their products’ potential, focusing on combating inflow and infiltration (I&I) by providing monolithic lining protection.

I&I has forced municipalities to seek out trenchless rehabilitative solutions, particularly for the nation’s aging manhole infrastructure. Epoxytec’s flagship CPP product line has led the charge as one of the principal structural epoxy technologies to combat I&I. CPP lining products repair, protect, and enhance water wastewater infrastructure using trenchless applications that cause minimal disruption. 

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CPP liners offer a complete, fully sealed rehabilitative lining solution that satisfies I&I compliance requirements established by EPA mandates. These ultra-high build, high- strength applied structural epoxy linings can seal all aspects of infrastructure, including the bench, invert, incoming/outgoing pipes, etc. Additionally, CPP products have the unique ability to adhere, with high bond strength, and tie into a variety of construction materials, including CIPP, concrete, brick, and steel. 

This CPP product line has revolutionized the industry since it was first installed in Miami Dade County Water and Sewer in the early 90s. Since then, these products have continued to evolve. In addition to the original CPP Trowel-Liner, available for trowel-applications, CPP is also available in spray-applied versions including CPP Sprayliner MH, specifically formulated to rehabilitate and line sanitary sewer collection systems, this product offers high moisture tolerance, H2S resistance and sealed I&I barrier protection. CPP Sprayliner 61 is designed to line drinking water storage tanks, water pipelines, and other structures in contact with potable water.

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Epoxytec continues to provide dependable lining solutions, innovative and expanding products to meet the ever-evolving needs of aging infrastructure. 

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