Trenchless Solutions Launches New Website

Specialist trenchless contractor, Trenchless Solutions Ltd (TSL) recently announced the launch of the company’s brand new website:

As well as offering details of background to the operation, the company’s contracting services across the United Kingdom, and the range of applications to which these services can be applied, the company has also developed a series of 3D animations that clearly explain the operational processes involved with each of it available technologies.

Included in the animation set are:

Guided Auger Boring – a steered method typically used where more accurate installations of various pipe types are needed including DN150 to DN725 Naylor Denlok Vitrified Clay Drainage pipe, steel casings, PE and GRP pipelines, as well as pipe diameters from 90 mm to 1,000 mm. Link:

Horizontal Directional Drilling – a steered method typically used for the installation of utility pressure mains (gas and water), electricity and communication ducts, for pipe diameters from 60 mm to 600 mm. Link:

Pipe Bursting – a No-Dig method for the replacement of old and damaged pipelines including clay, pitch fiber, steel, concrete with new MDPE or HDPE, for pipe diameters from 75 mm to 400 mm. Link:

Auger (or Thrust) Boring – an un-steered method typically used for the installation of sacrificial steel casings. These can then be inserted with utility pressure mains, electricity and communication ducts. Link:

Impact Moling – an un-steered, fast and low cost method which is used for the installation of small diameter utility pipelines, this system is typically used for private and domestic properties. Link:

According to TSL manager director Steve Varley, “TSL is specifically a no-dig contractor that works across the U.K. and Ireland. The company offers advice and expert solutions, working with clients from conception through to completion; utilizing a wealth of expertise that ensures safe, innovative and cost-effective underground installations. Our teams experience in working on varied trenchless projects ensures our workforce has the knowledge to meet our customer’s challenges. TSL also knows how important it is to look at customer’s individual needs when helping them with a no-dig solution no matter what size the job or how demanding.”

TSL applications can be utilized for drainage, water, gas, communication, electric, chemical installations running underneath roads, rivers, buildings, structures, existing services, gardens and driveways.

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